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Why Work With Us?

We are a professional, committed, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, loyal, reliable, supportive and creative staff team. Working with us, you will gain insight into every aspect of our work, be expected to show lots of initiative and take on responsibilities at an early stage.

We believe in appointing the best person for each position while ensuring that recruitment and selection is conducted in a way that is transparent, consistent and effective. We also check back to ensure that you got what you wanted and needed from us.

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Benefits and Conditions

Working for the SFHP means you will enjoy a range of employee benefits - from attractive salaries and flexible leave arrangements, to training and development opportunities. Being happy and satisfied at work is one of the most important aspects of choosing a career and we like to make that as easy as possible for you. Your package with us includes a lot more than just your pay. Below are a few of the additional benefits that are available to you as an employee:

  • Tax free salary.

  • Hiring allowance (Based on the position).

  • 40 days paid vacation per year.

  • Airline ticket at the beginning of the contract and employee repatriation.

  • Travel opportunities.

  • Single round trip flight tickets. (For doctors with family: wife & two dependents).

  • Educational allowance for the children (For senior registrars & consultants).

  • Medical (Health) care.

  • Rewarding cultural experience.

  • Freedom of choice:

    • Furnished housing accommodation

    • Recreation facilities

    • Shopping buses provided

    • Recreation trips schedule every month

    • Free Transportation to and from work, or monthly housing and transportation allowances.

  • Emergency leave provided when you unexpectedly need to take time off from your work due to an emergency or special personal circumstances. This could be the death of a immediate family.

  • End of service bonus for employees who have successfully completed their employment contract with the hospital. The bonus or service award is equivalent to the range of half month to one month salary for each year of service, depending on the length of the employees’ service in the hospital.

Learning and Development

Education and professional development opportunities are eligible to all Security Forces Hospital Program staff when the courses or degree programs meet criteria as per the policy. We also provide a personal development budget for all staff for job related learning.

Employees Testimonials

Rasmi M. Al Rasheedi

“I have joined Security Forces Hospital (SFHP) since 2007 in Academic Affairs Department, and to be honest with you that I am so happy because we are here working as one family, and we have a great support from hospital Administration as (education leaves, scholarship, continuous medical education, etc…). We have here in SFHP a lot of activities in the field of (medical, paramedical, administration) certified by whom to be concerned.”


“When I joined Security Forces Hospital Program Riyadh in 2011 it was with great apprehension and trepidation. Moving to a new country, a very different culture and of course leaving my family behind. But all this went away very quickly upon arrival. Yes it’s been challenging but in a positive way. The support from my colleagues and new found friends made it easier than I expected. It has been a very satisfying career move for me and I would urge any nurse out there to do the same. One year has turned into three so I believe that speaks for itself.”

Dr. Murhaf Meslmani

“I am Murhaf Meslmani, Physician in Security Forces Hospital in Riyadh for more than 8 years which is one of the best hospitals in Saudi Arabia. I am very happy to work in such hospital because we are working as a team and everyone is doing his best for caring our patients. I encourage all health providers to join us to share with us the care to our patients.”

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